CodeIgniter Interview Questions 2019 – 2020

CodeIgniter Interview Questions for Both Beginners and Experienced PHP Programmers

CodeIgniter is powerful PHP framework with very tiny footprint designed for developers who need an easy and elegant toolkit to produce comprehensive web applications. Here is a list of the most popular and most sought-after CodeIgniter Interview Questions for both beginners and experienced PHP programmers.

Q:- What Is Codeigniter?

Codeigniter is the most popular PHP open-source framework. It’s very simple and lightweight. It can be used to develop any kind of web project from a small website to a large application scale.

Q:- What are the Codeigniter’s most prominent features?

  • It is an open-source framework and free to use.
  • It is extremely light weighted.
  • It is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern.
  • It has full-featured database classes and support for several platforms.
  • It is extensible. You can easily extend the system by using your own libraries, helpers, etc.

Q:- What is Routing in CodeIgniter?

Routing is an important part of CodeIgniter that enables the use of your own default URL pattern to be customized according to the requirements of your own URL.

Q:- Explain MVC In Codeigniter?

MVC is a software approach that distinguishes application logic from presentation. In practice, it permits your web pages to contain minimal scripting since the presentation is separate from the PHP scripting.

Model: Your data structures are represented by the model. Your model classes will typically include features that assist you to find, insert, and update data in your database.

View: The View is the data submitted to customer. view will usually be web page. Any depiction of information output can be view.

Controller: The Controller serves as an intermediary between the Model, the View, and any other resources needed to process the request for HTTP and create a web page.

Q:- Why CodeIgniter called a loosely based MVC framework?

Because when producing apps, CodeIgniter does not need to follow a rigid MVC pattern. Modeling is not crucial, we can create an application with just view and controllers.

Q:- Can You Extend Native Libraries In Codeigniter?

Yes, we can add some extended functionality to a native library by adding one or two methods

Question. How to load Model in CodeIgniter?


Q:- How you will work with error handling in CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter lets you build error reporting into your applications using the functions:-

  1. show_error(): This function will display the error message supplied to it using template application/errors/error_general.php.
  2. show_404(): This function will display the 404 error message.
  3. log_message(‘level’;, ‘message’): This function lets you write messages to your log files. You must supply one of three “levels” in the first parameter, indicating what type of message it is (debug, error, info), with the message itself in the second parameter

Q:- How to print the SQL statement in the CodeIgniter model?


Q:- How can you connect models to a database manually?


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