5 Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2019

5 Most In-Demand Programming Languages

In the list below, we will dwell upon the best and most in-demand programming languages that will help you grow your career and enable you to become a better developer and software engineer in upcoming years and beyond that.

Here are the topmost in-demand programming languages with the most job postings on Indeed and top ranking on GitHub and Stack Overflow’s annual developer survey.

1. Python

Python continues its rise on the list of popular programming languages in the world. The major reason behind the growing popularity is its incorporation with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

Python is much simpler than any of the other programming languages used for AI and machine learning.

2. Java

Next year, 2020, will mark the 25th anniversary of the Java programming language. Since its emergence in the early 90s, Java has retained its position as one of the most popular programming languages around the world.

Thanks to its versatility and ubiquity, Java is a common language in many introductory programming courses.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is used as much as it is talked.  According to Web3Techs (Web Technology Surveys) reports, 95% of websites use JavaScript and it tops the lists of the most popular client-side languages.

Major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to Gmail and YouTube, rely on JavaScript to create interactive web pages and dynamically display content to users.

4. PHP

PHP is considered as a widely-used programming language. It has been around for almost three decades now and has several important backend frameworks in its inventory.

Most of the largest websites on the internet you visit every day, such as Wikipedia, WordPress, Joomla and even Facebook (the world’s largest social network site) runs on PHP.

5. Swift

Swift is a relatively new programming language released by Apple in 2014. As interest in the new language rapidly accelerates so does the demand for Swift skill.  Swift embraces safe programming patterns and had additional modern features that make programming easier, more flexible and much more fun

As a high-level language, Swift reads quite close to English, so it is rather easy to pick up for beginners.

Each language has its own share of pros and cons. It’s up to you and the requirements of your project to select the best feasible language for your project.

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