How to Make Money as a PHP Developer in 2019

How to Make Money as a PHP Developer in 2019

There are plenty of articles out there to tell you the best way to make money as a PHP developer. But have you found your life’s perfect solution yet?

Here are four genuine ways to make a decent amount of money as a PHP developer:

Teaching Your Skills to Other Developers

For every web developer (like you) who understands how to code, there are ten or more brand-new web developers who want to learn how to code. Where do most of them begin learning? The answer is Online, using whatever free tutorials they can find. The first step is to record your screen while working on projects that are simple to follow, add remarks or voiceover and here you have a number of tutorials. Next step Create your own website/blog, fill it with tutorials and some more excellent quality material, link it to Google AdSense and fill up your bank account slowly but surely

Use a Freelance Service

Once you have identified your specialization, find a network that promotes your skills and puts you in front of potential clients. There are a lot of great networks out there, so depending on your industry and your skills, some of them will inevitably be more appropriate for you than others.

Offer Customization Services

So, who purchases templates and layouts from an online source? Well, in truth, almost everyone does or has. Whatever the reason they purchased the template, they’re likely looking to customize it to suit their precise requirements-and that’s where you might come in.

Create a Network

Being web developer for more than decade, can tell you that referrals are the backbone of the freelance universe. Your network must be consist of customers for whom you work and the other qualified professionals you meet. To meet fresh clients and connect with individuals of different backgrounds, it is best to cast a broad net.

This list is a work in progress. Help us make it better by sharing your experience. We will be happy to review and add any suggestions you may have!

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