Understanding the MVC in CodeIgniter Web Applications 1:2

Understanding the MVC in CodeIgniter Web Applications

CodeIgniter is based on the MVC development pattern. MVC is short for Model, View, and Controller is the best way of organizing your code. The concept behind MVC is that each segment of your code has a distinct objective and purpose. Some of your code includes your application data, some of the code makes the app look good, and some of your code controls how your app works.

MVC divides the application into three main components:

Model: The model classes generally include features for collecting, inserting and updating data in your database.

View: The view is about the data presented to the end-user. Views often contain HTML, CSS, and optionally JavaScript in web applications.

Controller: In short, the controller links the models and views together, depending on the resources requested.


Take the time to consider how your app fits into the MVC framework as developer. It will enhance your skills and your apps as well!

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